Loveland Engagement Photographer | Sydney + Caleb | Loveland Sports Park

Winter Engagement Session in Loveland

First of all, let me say I CAN’T BELIEVE I never posted these! My sister and brother-in-law have now been married for a few months and somehow I completely forgot to post my favorite engagement session we did of them.

So, a little backstory of how these photos came to be…..

They were visiting for Christmas break and Sydney was staying with us for a bit while Caleb left to go out of town. So once we made it through the chaos that is Christmas Eve and Day, we had one free day before Caleb was leaving for Japan. So, rain or shine we were taking these photos.

Well we didn’t get rain or shine….but we did get a ton of snow and freezing cold wind to go along with it. We got up that morning and decided let’s do this! We went out in the 12 degrees with who knows how fast winds and about lost some limbs along the way. But we did it. We got the shots. The next day Caleb ended up actually getting sick so that kind of put a damper on his trip.

But……#WorthIt !

The shoot was amazing and we couldn’t be happier with the images that came from it.

I absolutely love these two and love when I get the chance to photograph them.

So without further rambling…please enjoy the images that we suffered so much for. <3

And leave a comment below if you would suffer in insane weather to have good photos. I’m interested to

know how many people are as crazy as we are.

And that was a wrap. None of us lost any fingers thankfully. But we did have to sit with our hands in front of the heat in the car before we could function again. But again, totally worth it. <3

Photo location was Loveland Sports Park IN Loveland, Colorado

Photo location was Loveland Sports Park IN Loveland, Colorado