Daddy's Little Princess- Champlin


There is no denying this little girl has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger. You can tell how much he loves his baby girl. 

She truly got treated like a princess for the session, and from what her Mom said, the whole day. Getting her hair done, getting all dressed up and having her photos taken, and ending with a Ball. Talk about a little girl's dream day. :)

It's truly melts my heart to see a father & daughter with such an amazing bond. 

Lifestyle Newborn- Charlotte Rae

Miss Charlie is just the sweetest little thing. She is so quiet and such an "easy" baby. She made my job super easy. Having all boys, it's always fun to be able to sit and play dress up with a little girl squish. ;)

I was happy I was even able to snap a few shots with her big sisters. Jordan and Payton just adore baby girl. 

Gotta love the girl power in this little family. <3

Benjamin Turns One

I can't believe this little guy is already ONE! I first met his Mama when I took her maternity photos not long before he was born. I have had the privilege of watching him grow and being able to capture how he he's changed every few months. It's been amazing watching how his little personality has developed. He went from this sweet little squish to this little ball of sunshine. He becomes such a little character in front of the camera. Every time his Mom swears he is in a bad mood, I get nothing but smiles and giggles. And I just eat them up!

Happy First Birthday Benjamin! I know you are going to do great things in life. :)

<3 Here's a little recap of Benjamin's 1st year. <3

Family- Trautwein

I am so thankful to have met this wonderful family. Katie has become my absolute best friend, and I love those kids as if they were my own. I am so grateful to have a friend through the good and the bad. She has been right there beside me as we both take on this crazy ride known as Army life. I can't imagine going through this without her. <3


Maternity- Fonville Family

I met this sweet Lady and her family after they chose me to take their family photos for Christmas. Since then, I have had the privilege of taking little Miss Alexandra's photos, and now I was able to be apart of announcing their special little bundle, who will be arriving soon. I love watching family's I meet grow. It's so special to me. I can't wait to meet this little one very soon! :) 

Family- Ansaldua

Since the website was down for so long, I figured I would share some of the photos I took during that time. So I will be throwing in blog posts with photos from around the holidays. Enjoy! :)

This sweet family was so much fun to work with. I have to be honest, I was a little nervous as they were my largest group to shoot. But they were seriously so easy and easy-going. They make having 8 kids look easy! And oh my goodness, the kids were amazing and listened so well. I was thrilled they chose me to take their photos, and I really hope to be able to work with them in the future. :)

Sydney + Caleb

I am so lucky to call this beautiful girl my little sister. And this guy? He's basically like my brother-in-law. They are seriously the most amazing couple I know. They are so caring and the love between them is very apparent. I just love them both and look forward to continue watching them grow as both a couple and as individuals.


Benjamin- 9 Months

I was so happy to see this sweet boy the other day. I have been watching him grow since he was inside his Mama's belly. I can't believe how big he has gotten in what seems like such a short time. He is so funny with all of this cute little faces he makes. He makes me work for sure, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I can't believe our next session will be his one year! Time really does fly by. See you soon sweet Benjamin! :)

Maternity- Shauna

I'm so happy I was able to capture this baby belly on camera. Shauna was the first Army wife I met once our husbands joined. We helped each other deal with them being away for so long. We also were preggers at the same time (with our second kiddos), so our little ones have been friends practically since birth. And now, I was able to photograph her growing baby belly. Although Miss Charlie has a few more weeks to bake, everyone is anxiously awaiting her arrival, especially her two big sisters. Not too much longer! :)

Newborn- Savannah Rose

This little girl is just too precious. She wasn't supposed to be arriving for another 5 weeks, but decided she was just too ready to explore this new world to stay in there any longer. :) Not to mention, her Daddy is in the Army and possibly wasn't going to be able to make the birth. She just wanted him there to see her when she made her debut. ;) Everything happens for a reason, right? She is so sweet and tiny and perfect. I am thrilled to finally be able to meet her after a long awaited almost 9 months. Her Mommy, Daddy, & big brother are so in love and thankful she is finally here and healthy. I can't wait to watch this little lady grow up. <3


Hey everyone! I know the site has been down for quite some time. Things in life have been pretty nuts! LOTS has changed! But the most important and significant change is that WE HAD A BABY! We had our third son, Baerd Colder, on February 9. We are over the move excited to finally have him here. The boys are so thrilled to have a baby brother. He truly completes our family. Also, we moved! Not to a different city or anything, just moved into a bigger house. (YAY!) Not to mention all the other things that have happened like our baby boy turned ONE, out oldest started Kindergarten, etc. Now, although the site has been down for a long LONG time, I HAVE been working. I stopped taking clients a couple of months before baby boy was due. So, yeah, lots going on. But I am here to tell ya'll......I"M BACK! I will start back working March 19th. I have loved having this time to strictly be home with my boys, but I am so excited to get back behind the camera. Man have I missed it! Anywho, if you have absolutely any questions please do not hesitate to ask. I am here to help. I would love to take photos for each and every one of you. I love what I do and and I am so lucky to be able to fulfill my passion while also getting to be a stay-at-home mom. Please tell your friends that if they are looking for a photographer for any special occasion, I would love to work with them. I appreciate all of you so much and I hope to be able to see your beautiful faces soon! :)