Loveland Portrait Photographer | Lizeth | Fort Collins, Colorado

Portraits of Lizeth in Beautiful Colorado

This winter has been…..kind of crazy in Colorado. There hasn’t been much snow, and while lately it has been pretty chilly, I feel like it the entire first portion of winter was pretty warm. It just can’t make up it's mind. Well, as beautiful as it is….this session was torture. As I’m sure a good portion of winter sessions in Colorado are. The problem isn’t always the temperature here, its the wind! The crazy, fast, freeze you to your bones wind. And this day was no exception.

We were so excited to go shoot. Lizeth had a new outfit she was stoked about and I was excited to shoot a favorite hiking spot of ours. So we loaded up the kiddos and headed off. Only to get there, get out of the car, and instantly lose feeling in our fingers.

The day had seemed great but once we stepped foot on that clear, open land that wind hit us full force. So, we lasted about 30 minutes before calling it a day. Full disclosure, our kids were sitting next to us all warm and cozy in the car playing (don’t worry, I could literally touch the car). I have never been more thankful the parking lot was right next to this field. It was also awesome to have the car already heated so we could thaw out our fingers immediately.

But, this shows you can get some great shots in a short period of time. It is always rough braving the elements for photos, but it is almost always worth it. I am so happy I was able to capture this Mama all by herself. To show her laughing and being silly and looking beautiful and having fun. I feel like as moms we sometimes forget to put ourselves first and sometimes forget to let loose. Just because we have kids doesn’t mean we can’t be silly and have fun. Honestly, it probably helps us to survive this crazy life. So don’t be afraid to step in front of the camera. No kids. No husbands. Just you. Being you. #MamaLove