Loveland Portrait Photographer | Portraits of Sydney


Outdoor Portraits at Fossil Creek , Fort Collins

When your sister comes in town it naturally calls for a photo session, right?!

I was so excited to go shoot at a new location. This was yet another time we had the great idea to go take photos…and then we get there and freeze our butts off.

Ya’ll! It was SO cold! The last session I blogged about and said it was cold?…..yeah this was 1000 times colder! That wind! I don’t think I will ever get used to it. And my sister from Texas was struggling even more than me. IT. WAS. COLD!

But, while the session only lasted about 15 minutes, we got some beautiful shots. I have 100% found one of my new favorite places to shoot. And I’m so happy Sydney was here to be my location tester. We always have a blast at sessions, even in the freezing cold. I can always count on her to go along with my crazy ideas.

It breaks my heart to tell her goodbye when she heads back home. She has had so many exciting things happen to her this year. She moved back to her home state, she got married, she got a new job, etc. It’s been a pretty great 2018-2019 for my little sister and I am so happy for all of her success. I just wish she lived closer.

But for now, I will cherish the shorts visits that I get with her and yes, I will continue to make her suffer when I see her to feed my creative soul. ;)

Syd, you are the best!