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Lifestyle Headshots in Loveland

Images taken at  Dark Heart Coffee Bar  in Loveland, CO

Images taken at Dark Heart Coffee Bar in Loveland, CO

When a lot of people think of “headshots”, often what comes to mind is the traditional, in a studio, against a solid backdrop images that you then use for business cards. But headshots can be so much more. They can be images that give customers a glimpse into what you do. Or they can be ones that show just you being a person living day to day life.

I have recently ventured in to the world of taking headshots and I must say, while I do like the traditional style (which I will write about in a later post), I often enjoy getting my clients out and about and letting them more or less “run the show”. I like to get a behind the scenes look into their life and their business. We can even combine both things you love and your work.

Take this session, for example. Lizeth is a Virtual Assistant, meaning everything she does is online. Therefore, she is on her computer quite a bit. She also loves coffee, as do I so this was a win win, so we incorporated that into her session. And she is a mom first and foremost. While most people may not want to include their children in their business, Lizeth has made it clear that her kids are the reason she wants to make the effort to work from home. As a mom myself, I totally get that and was totally happy to include her littles.

This was such fun session and also allowed me to make new connections. We went to this adorable little coffee shop in downtown Loveland called Dark Heart Coffee Bar and it could not be more amazing. Everything from the decor to the drinks and snacks, oh my gosh the macarons are to die for, to the WONDERFULLY sweet owner. It was all perfect. If you are in the area, I can’t recommend this little shop enough. Check. Them. Out.