Loveland Family Photographer | Motherhood | Lizeth


Motherhood involves so much. You have to care for tiny humans. You have to put others before yourself (although you should always make time for yourself, too). You have to deal with a wide range of emotions in a 30 second time frame. We can go from happy as a lark to screaming like a banshee.

Motherhood is wild and crazy. But it is also wonderfully, amazingly, beautiful.

My goal for my Motherhood sessions is to capture it all. If your kiddo is melting down, don’t worry about it. They are being a kid. I totally get that.

Don’t try to make them something they are not. If they don’t want to smile, don’t force it. If they want to run around crazy, let them. I’m totally fine chasing them around with my camera.

I have 3 little wilds at home myself, so I get the chaos. Embrace it. Don’t try to hide it or make things seem “picture perfect”.

A person I admire greatly recently said

….this is your legacy and these are images meant to be honest. They are meant to be a reminder of all of who you are and all of who your children are.
— Sarah Cornish (My Four Hens Photography)

I want to capture your family as you are. All the emotions. I want to capture the REAL. And I promise you, you will be so much happier with the images. Because they will tell the story of your family. Your Kids. Your Motherhood.

Embrace it all.

I also want to mention, this particular session was so beautiful and fun, but this beautiful Mama got the 1 in a million kids that don’t have regular meltdowns. Soooooo not to many emotions to embrace in this session. But still…don’t be afraid or embarrassed if your kids lose it! We are all there on the regular.