Loveland Adventure Photographer | Down By the River

I found this spot while meeting up with some of my hiking friends. That was about year or so ago and I haven’t been back since. Honestly I couldn’t even remember the name of this spot. But I just remembered it had a beautiful stream where the kids played and had a good time.

So I finally decided to track this place down and after doing much research and going back into old images, I finally found it. This is River Bluffs. It was a bit of a drive from us, but man it was worth it. The sun was shining beautifully as it set in the sky, there was almost no one else there besides us so it was so peaceful, and the boys had a blast throwing rocks and splashing in the water.

It WAS only like 45 degrees so they got cold quickly. But, while we weren’t there for longer than an hour or so, they had a blast. We had to instantly strip down after getting soaked in the freezing water, but it was worth it.

I am pretty sure we have found the new favorite “family hangout” spot.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but taking photos of my boys is possibly my favorite thing ever. I have had to except that sometimes they aren’t okay with the camera being out, but for the most part they are pretty game. I also will thank them forever for being the ones to teach me that photos are so much better when they are real. Taking photos of my kids, I quickly learned they were not about the “look at the camera and smile” life. So, while it was a learning curve for sure, I too am not a fan of the posed photos. I want images that capture the real person, the real family, the emotion, the fun, that exact moment in their life.

And when taking photos of my kids especially, it is so amazing that I can take a photo and look back at it years later and still remember that exact moment. What they were doing. The mood they were in. All the little things that seem to slip your mind.

That is why photography is so powerful. Nothing else in life gives you a moment stood still in time forever. And what' I’ve learned is while the big events are awesome to record, it’s the ”everyday moments” that I am so thankful; I captured.

This is what I hope to bring to my clients. The simple moments they don’t even realize they will miss. For them to hold onto forever.