The Andrews | Loveland Family Photographer


I’m always so happy to photograph this beautiful family. I can’t believe how big the girls are getting. I swear it seems like I was just taking their maternity photos. This session was so fun to plan. Lizeth and I decided on Wardrobe together and oh man did these colors look amazing with the background.


Speaking of background, we decided on Sylvan Dale Ranch for their session. It has a special meaning because it was were Danny and Lizeth got married and where they continue to go back every year for their anniversary. So what better place for family photos?

It has stunning views no matter which way you turn. The horses, the green grass, the mountains, the woods…all perfect. I wonder if maybe we just started another tradition at Sylvan Dale; annual family photos. ;)


I take photos fairly often of Lizeth and the girls, but Danny isn’t in them as much. So I’m so happy when I am able to capture the whole family. These girls sure do love their Daddy and it’s so cute to watch how he interacts with his slew of girls. I’d say he is slightly outnumbered but he seems to love it and it’s pretty adorable.


And while these girls love their Daddy bunches, their connection with Mom is also pretty special. Lizeth is one of the kindest, most calm and loving Mothers I have ever seen. She is so in tune with her girls and you can tell she is their safe place. They absolutely adore her and I love watching how their bond continues to grow. She is my #momgoals for sure.


So let me talk about these sweet girls for just a minute. Raylee is one of the sweetest wildest girls I have ever met. She can hold her own when playing with my WILD boys, and all while she is wear princess heels. Also, she is a pretty phenomenal Big Sister.

And Reagan, oh my goodness I could eat her up. I feel like we were just awaiting her arrival, and now she is so big. She is calm and chill and oh how her gummy grin gets me every time. She is almost always happy, as long as Mama isn’t too far, but also has a mean mug that could kill. And I’m kind of obsessed. I can’t wait to see her little personality continue to change and grow. I know she is going to be one cool kiddo.

These girls are the best sisters and love each other so much. I can’t wait to watch their bond flourish and I hope I’m there to capture it all.


No matter the location, I love this family to death and can’t wait to capture many more moments for them in the future. And I can’t wait to watch these sweet girls grow. I know they have lots of awesomeness in their future.