Awaiting A New Addition | Maternity | Loveland Family Photographer

A good mom has bad days & great days & normal days & overwhelming days & perfect days & trying days & supermom days & just being a mom days & a whole lot of love & real & crazy motherhood days.


Sessions that showcase Motherhood will forever have a special place in my heart. I love showing the bonds, the connections, the emotions.

Motherhood is a wild ride for most of us, and we get so caught up in and enjoying it and surviving it, that we forget to document it.

We started this session as a Mama-only maternity session. Then little miss decided she wanted in too. And honestly, I could not be more happy that she joined in. I love telling stories and capturing moments as they are. And at this Moment, this Mama is comforting her little girl as they await the arrival of their new addition. Mama is preparing for being a mom of two, while little miss is preparing to be a Big Sister. Both are taking the journey together and about to embark on a new adventure, new to both of them….together.

So while this may not be a typical, all attention on the belly session, this turned out to be one of my favorite Mama-and-me sessions. This is why I focus less on thinking so much about a session beforehand. I have learned, especially with kids, you never know the direction it may take, but I choose to go with it instead of against. I like to have a general idea and just let it play out, for the most part. That is how you keep images authentic and emotional and real.

I will say it again 1000 times. I truly love what I do. I am so passionate about helping others capture their own lives, because while we live it, it can sometimes be hard for us to truly capture it.

Thank you so much Allison for allowing me to photograph this special connection.