Breastfeeding Session | Motherhood | Loveland Family Photographer

Breastfeeding photos have always been so beautiful to me. I love the connection between mother and child. I love that special time that goes by so quickly being captured. I just think they are so sweet and such great memories to have.

So I recently decided I wanted to try my hand at my first nursing session. And I have to say, I was instantly obsessed.

I must admit I was nervous simply because I was capturing such an intimate moment.

And to be quite honest, it is a pretty sensitive subject for me. I nursed all three of my boys. But the experience was less than pleasant. I had issues with supply and latch and all the things that could go wrong. Come to find out, all of my boys had pretty severe tongue/lip ties (if you are a nursing Mama and it is painful…check into ties!)

Anyway, I always had a personal goal to nurse my boys until they turned a year. And each time, as I couldn’t make it to that mark, I was devastated. I hung on as long as I could and was way too hard on myself, but I think that is sometimes a natural reaction for us Mamas. We are always way too hard on ourselves.

So, long story short, being able to capture these beautiful moments for Mamas to remember so amazing for me. I wish I would have had a beautiful experience like these ladies, but I am so glad I get to help them cherish theirs forever.

I met this sweet Mama and I could tell we would instantly be friends. We talked, we laughed, the session was so comfortable and was over before we knew it.

That is something that is so important for me with my sessions. I want my Mamas and families to feel at ease and just talk and open up and not focus so much on the session. I am not a shy person at all, so there is no way I will ever let things stay quiet, but I love when there is interaction. Between all of us. I have said it several times now and I will continue to preach this. I want my sessions to be more about the experience and capturing real life moments and less about smiling at the camera. Actually……not at all about smiling at the camera.

I know some people prefer those images of the entire family standing together smiling at the camera, and I can try to get an image or two like that if so desired. BUT, I do not encourage this. I encourage moments. Emotions. Connections. REAL life. I want to capture the relationships. Unfiltered.

And this session was mostly that. Unfiltered. Mama was holding and loving on her sweet brand new baby, and I just happened to be there to capture it.

Simply Beautiful.

Needless to say, while I love all of my sessions, breastfeeding sessions may be my most adored.