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Reclamation Dress Rental TERMS AND CONDITIONS



  • This dress fits XS-M

* Includes Adjustable Slip

Rental Fee

  • The rental period is 5 DAYS for $99

  • Rental fee is non-refundable/non-transferable.

  • Fee must be paid in full and contract signed in order to reserve your rental spot.


  • Rental periods are from Friday to Wednesday, and must be shipped to next recipient by Wednesday morning.

  • Kourtney Howard-Crow at Howard-Crow Photography, LLC will at all times be the owner of the Dress.

  • Only the renter assigned is allowed to use this dress.

  • The dress may only be used for photography purposes. No personal use allowed.

  • Should anything happen to the dress (damaged, lost, or stolen) during your rental period you are responsible for the FULL replacement cost of the dress.

  • Absolutely no adjustments or alterations may be made to the dress.


  • Wash on a delicate cycle in a mesh laundry bag or hand washed and laid flat to dry.

  • If dress gets dirty in your possession, you are responsible for cleaning it, using ONLY methods mentioned above.


  • You are responsible for getting the dress to the next recipient on time.

  • Dress must be shipped no later than morning of last rental day.

  • You must pay shipping cost for shipping to next recipient.

  • You must use 2-3 day shipping and provide tracking number to Howard-Crow Photography, LLC once shipped.

Dress Rental Contract

Name *
Phone *
(FRI-WED) Please check the calendar for available dates. Spots will say "rented" when unavailable. Spots are updated in order received.
Address to be shipped to *
Address to be shipped to
I understand all things listed in the contract and agree to all terms and conditions.
Writing my name in this space will act as my signature for this agreement.

Once contract is signed, you will receive rental fee invoice.

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