{While Big Brother Has soccer Practice.....}

......we go exploring next to the field. ;)

Arson has practice a few days a week and honestly I never know how the little boys are going to act. One day it will be freezing so we have to sit in the car, or bundle up in the wagon and watch NickJr. And then sometimes, the day is beautiful and Range and Baerd just want to run wild and go exploring. We can't go very far, and honestly, there isn't much to see near the field. But these little dudes have a blast none the less. They were fascinated by the trees. "Mommy look how tall the tree is. SO TALL!" Range said as he gazed up to the top.

And the soccer net. Oh my that was hilarious! If only I had recorded video. ;) They kept walking and running across the back of the net to see if they could get all the way across without tripping through the holes. They could not. But they thought it was the funniest things every time they fell. I was almost dead laughing. Then they went to opposite sides and were trying to "save" each other. (as if they could magically walk through the net. 

It's amazing how entertained kids by be by the smallest things. Not to mention, entertaining. ;) Another photographer recently said they have learned to keep their camera with them at all time. And honestly, until recently, I really had no desire to. But as I am trying to grow as a photographer, I decided to take the advice of this wise photographer. And I can't imagine life without my camera. 

While it is heavy and bulky and not always the most fun thing to lug around, I have been able to capture so many special moments that I wouldn't have been able to other wise. Yes I have my phone all the time, but phone photos just aren't the same, although of course I cherish those too. 

I know you see a lot of photos of my boys these days, like a LOT, but I can't apologize for that. Photography wise, it's great practice. I have little tiny models around me at all time. Well, when they will cooperate. As a Mom, it melts my heart to capture these moments that are going by so fast.  I will never get these tiny little feet, and little explorations, and silly soccer net moments ever again. So you better believe I am eating those up right now. I may need a glass of wine at the end of the night, but I wouldn't trade my life with these boys for anything. Cliches, I know. But experiencing life as a mom makes my life before them seem non-existant.

Ok, enough sappy Mommy talk. Ah I'm starting to get so emotional just writing this. While, yes, I am ready to have a night of uninterrupted rest and a day of not having to clean up 1000 gross diapers, I just want time to slow down. <3