{Indoor Camping- Lifestyle Session with My Boys}

My boys have had this teepee for a couple of years and absolutely love it. Parents, if you are debating on getting your kiddos a little teepee or tent, DO IT! They are so fun. 

Usually they just play in it by itself, but recently I bought them a little campfire set from an Etsy shop and then Baerd, our 2 year old, was given a little wooden fishing set for his birthday (not shown) and oh my goodness the teepee is even more fun now. :)

It stays in the playroom downstairs, but this day I decided to pull it upstairs and move the rug so they could have a fun little camping trip in the living room. They even brought along a few of their favorites things, like their stuffed friends from Cuddle + Kind and Slumberkins (they love stuffed friends), and their special blankies. Arson, the oldest, was also present for some of it, but he decided to enjoy some quiet time while the littles were preoccupied. He doesn't get much quiet time with two little brothers running around. ;)

I love when the kids do pretend play and really use their imaginations. Range, 3, had the most fun (it was baby brothers nap time). He was making all kinds of snacks for me and we even enjoyed some pretend hot cocoa together. It is little things like this that make being a Mom so fun. <3