{Hello Baby Reagan}

I don’t normally offer newborn photos anymore. However, when one of your closest friends has a by, you just can’t help but get super cute new squish photos. ;)

I have to admit, I am pretty jealous of this little ladies Mama. She had a breezy pregnancy AND labor AND little Reagan is a dream and is already sleeping well and hardly fusses. I was not such a lucky Mama. All of my boys are worth every ounce of exhaustion I have, BUT, there was a LOT of chaos when they were babies. Who am I kidding, there is still a lot of chaos.

Any who, little Miss was so tiny and precious weighing just under 6lbs. She is absolutely adorable and I can’t wait to see her grow. I’m so thankful I was able to capture these sweet moments of her not long after entering her new world.

Welcome to the world baby Reagan. I’m sure we have many more photos in our future. <3

+ Adorable personalized hat is from the Etsy shop ‘ChristyCherish’ Designs +


Until next time……..