{Oh Mondays.....}

Hey everyone. So I was planning on only writing blog posts that included clients photos, and pretty much anything related to photography. But I have decided to include other things, such as personal life blogs. I have three little boys so something is always going on in our house. Life is never dull, that's for sure. I will also, of course, include all things photography as well. 

That being said, let me tell you about my Monday. Oh, Mondays. Gotta love the, right? Favorite day of the week.....said no one ever. We were off to a normal Monday start, with everyone dragging, but all was okay. We dropped Arson, my oldest off at school and the two littles and I came back home. The boys wen downstairs to play in their playroom while I cleaned up the kitchen. After a bit I noticed they were awfully quiet...which as parents know if NEVER a good thing unless they are sleeping. So I decided to go check on them. I saw Range, the 3 year old, coming out of big brother's room, which he knows he is not supposed to be in. Arson hates when people are in his room while he is gone....and he will notice if anything is not where he left it. lol

Range sees me coming down the stairs and darts to his "hiding spot" behind the couch. i instantly knew he was up to no good. I went into Arson's room to find Baerd....under the desk.....tearing up Arson's drawing.......COVERED. IN. MARKER. (hand on forehead with a loud sign)

I first checked the walls to make sure they had not written on them. NOPE. All of the coloring was done on "Canvas Baby Brother". I couldn't help but laugh. i mean, it's washable so not too big of a deal that he was covered in marker. I fussed at them mainly for being in Arson's room. And also, for course I had to fuss and remind we don't draw on anything besides paper. But again, I couldn't help but be amused. What's funny is..somehow BAERD, 2, was the only one covered in marker. Range didn't have a streak on him. I guess both treated Baerd like the canvas.

Naturally, I couln't help but capture this on camera. You will see a couple of photos of Baerd being upset. This was because he realized he couldn't just rub the marker off. I guess he thought it was like water. lol So we rushed to the bath and all was well with the world again.  Well, as well as a Monday can be. ;)

How was YOUR Monday?!