{Lifestyle- At Home with Three Boys}

Today I wanted to share something I have learned both as a mom and as a photographer.

Over time, I have learned that pictures are magical. You can truly capture special times for someone that they will then be able to hold onto forever.

Over the years I have always tried to get the cutest pictures of my boys. I would always get so annoyed when they wouldn't cooperate and smile pretty for the picture. And then I realized.....those photos with the awkward, forced smile....that's not my kids. They are not little ones that sit quietly and they don't have this ugly, fake smile I see in the photo. They are wild and crazy, rambunctious little boys who like to make silly faces and run free all over the house and make fart noises. They make each other laugh and annoy each other. They are best friends one minute, and arch nemesis the next. THAT is who they are. Why was I trying to get the photos that didn't even represent their little personalities. That is what I should want to capture and cherish forever. They are growing so fast and changing every day. 

So, I picked up my camera and, rather than telling them to sit and smile, I decided to follow them around. I watched as they played together and built robots from blocks and pushed each other across the floor in the toy box. And I snapped away on my camera as I watched them be kids. Brothers. Best friends. It was truly an eye opening experience. I will cherish these photos more than any other. Because they are my true kids. Being their true self. Absolutely beautiful.

I then decided to offer lifestyle sessions for my clients. Because I realized, I'm sure their are a lot of parents who also think they need pictures with their kids sitting still and smiling. Just as I did. So I am hoping I can bring those every day moments to life. The ones that don't seem so special. The ones that are real.